You don’t need a business degree to launch a profitable business.

Du brauchst keinen Masterplan, um dein Traum-Business zu gründen. Du musst nur anfangen!

Think you need to have it all figured out and a boatload of capital to make your business idea a reality? Think you need years and years to become profitable? Think again! There are many more alternatives to get your venture off the ground.

If you’ve got the drive, passion, and courage to go after your idea, don’t let not knowing where to start be what stops you. To launch a venture, you certainly don’t need a business degree. And I should know, I have two, and didn’t apply textbook theories when launching or leading 3 businesses over the last 7 years!

As a serial entrepreneur and business nut, I’m passionate about sharing my knowledge so soon-to-be entrepreneurs have the tools to develop the right business model and organization design, set up scalable processes, and quickly generate a positive cash flow.



Want to start a business but have no clue where to start? Then tune in to the Worthwhile Ventures podcast. The podcast’s goal is to help you get your business on a solid footing - to make it a worthwhile venture!

You’ll get help finding the business model which suits your personality, define the right model for your idea, and how to start on a smaller scale to grow sustainably at your own pace. Always with the aim of growing revenues, early positive cashflow, and most importantly long-term profitability.

I have been around the startup scene in Berlin and Hamburg for years, and have built and led companies up to double-digit millions in sales, guided a financing round, and managed 50+ employees. During my journey, I have benefited from the knowledge and expertise of others and now want to give back and pass mine on to you.

You want to find a business idea which suits to your dream life? You aim on early positive cashflow, growing revenues, and long-term profitability? Tune in now to save time, money, and energy!

About me

From 30k in debt to double-digit millions in sales

I’ve always wanted to go out on my own, but I listened to the voices that said I should do something safe first and ended up studying business - and quickly found out I was more unconventional than my peers! After a stint working as a consultant, an entrepreneurship class during a Master in Commerce in Sydney finally gave me the push I needed to start a venture. I co-founded Compackt - starch-based, bio-degradable, microwavable food packaging - and got the full startup experience, flying to Silicon Valley and pitching in front of investors.

While Compackt didn’t make it to market, it ignited my fire for entrepreneurship. Even with zero money - 30k in debt actually - I still wanted to be an entrepreneur. I joined an incubator and founded BorderGuru in 2014 - a logistics solution for international e-commerce. Within three years, we built it to 10 million in sales and 30 employees.

Nach einem Umzug und der Übernahme von BorderGuru seitens Hermes Logistics, einem großen Konzern, trat ich 2017 KIWI bei, welche ein digitales Schließsystem für den Immobilienmarkt anbieten. Bis Herbst 2020 war ich KIWI’s Managing Director & COO, und habe das Unternehmen in eine 2-stellige Millionen-Finanzierungsrunde geführt. 

Seither helfe ich unter anderem mit meinem Podcast Entrepreneuren, die Business Idee zu finden die zu ihrer Persönlichkeit passt, und ihr Business so aufzubauen, dass es ihr Traum-Leben ermöglicht. 

My motto: Don’t reinvent the wheel

The trial and error route costs an incredible amount of energy and time. That’s why I love to pass on my knowledge and give others a shortcut. My main piece of advice? You can do everything you want. Maybe not all at the same time, but if you tackle one thing after the other you can be and do anything - including starting a business!


Business ist nicht nur mein Job, sondern meine Leidenschaft. Ich bin fasziniert von allen Facetten des Unternehmensaufbaus, von strategischer Planung, über Führung, Operations, bis hin zur Finanzierung. Ich habe immer schon Freunden dabei geholfen ihre Ideen auszuarbeiten, ihre Geschäftsmodelle zu entwickeln, ihre Finanzen zu planen, und ihre Organisation aufzubauen. Mein Wissen und meine Erfahrung strukturierter weiterzugeben, habe ich während meiner NLP Master Ausbildung (ein Coaching Konzept) gelernt.

When I’m not nose-deep in the business world, I’m being active. My happy place is doing any water-related activity - from swimming and windsurfing to diving and sailing. Just surfing I don’t have the patience for. I need action! My big goal is to sail from Europe over the Atlantic to the Caribbean.


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