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Are you looking for a business idea that fits your dream life? You already have an idea, but don't know how to get started? Want to take your business to the next level? Then tune in to the Worthwhile Ventures Podcast! The podcast's goal is to help you get your business on a stable footing - and turn it into a long-term rewarding business! Worthwhile.

Every two weeks you'll get help finding your idea, defining the right model for your idea, and how to start small to grow sustainably at your own pace. beim Definieren des richtigen Modells für deine Idee, und wie du klein starten kannst, um in deinem eigenen Tempo nachhaltig zu wachsen.

Want to build your dream business with ease, growing sales, early positive cash flow, and long-term profitability? Then tune in now and save time, money, and energy!

All Episodes (in German): Build your Business with #bäbääm!

Learn how to build your business so that it enables you to live your dream life! Do you have a business idea or have you already started your business? Learn how to take your business to the next level faster and with ease! Don't have an idea yet? Learn the methods to find the business idea that fits your personality and your life!

Hannah Noethig of the Worthwhile Ventures podcast

Hi, I’m your host, Hannah Noethig

I am the founder of #bäbääm business academy, helping entrepreneurs find, test and successfully build their business idea so that they can realize their dream life! Always with the goal of making a dream life for themselves. Previously, I spent years in the startup scenes of Berlin and Hamburg, successfully building and managing companies to double-digit millions in revenue, raising a round of financing, and managing over 50 employees. Along the way, I've benefited from the knowledge and experience of others - now it's time to give back and share my knowledge with you.


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