The Worthwhile Ventures podcast


Want to start a business but have no clue where to start? Then tune in to the Worthwhile Ventures podcast. The podcast’s goal is to help you get your business on a solid footing – to make it a worthwhile venture!

Every two weeks, you’ll get help finding the right model for your idea and how to start on a smaller scale to grow sustainably at your own pace.

Want to grow your revenue, generate early positive cash flow, and create long-term profitability? Then tune in now to save time, money, and energy!

Hannah Noethig of the Worthwhile Ventures podcast

Hi, I’m your host, Hannah Noethig

I have been around the startup scene in Berlin and Hamburg for years and successfully built and led companies up to double-digit millions in sales, guided a financing round, and managed 50+ employees. During my journey, I’ve benefited from the knowledge and expertise of others and now want to give back and pass mine on to you.

Having developed a large network, I also interview experts, founders, and CEOs on the podcast to dive into real-life examples of how bootstrapping, crowdfunding, loans, partnerships, and yes, also venture capital, can be used to launch and grow your startup.


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